All participants 18 and under will receive up to one entry per day, each time reading material is checked out from the Fiction/Young Adult floor.

Check out all of our activities and join us for our “Universe of Stories” summer of fun!

June 3 –Registration Begins
June 10 – Rube Goldberg Project at 2:00PM
June 17 – Makey Makey at 2:00PM
June 19 – Prize Drawing
June 24 – Mock Stain Glass at 2:00PM
July 1 – Bubble Experiments at 2:00PM
July 8 – Lunar Lander at 2:00PM
July 10 – Prize Drawing
July 15 – Paper Airplanes at 2:00PM
July 22 – Marshmallow and Spaghetti Challenge at 2:00PM
July 31–Prize Drawing
August 2 – SRC Party at 2:00PM