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All Kids Will Be Champions During Summer Program

“On Your Mark, Get Set, READ!” is this summer’s theme in the Children’s Room. Children’s Summer Reading Club begins pre-registration and first check-outs the week of June 6th. An end-of-summer party will be held Aug. 5th, from 10 a.m. to noon. The annual pet show is scheduled for July 9th in the library’s side yard.

Artist Matt Tavares created artwork for this year’s posters and bookmarks. Some of his books include Mudball, a story about a baseball lost in the mud on a rainy day; The Gingerbread Pirates, featuring Christmas cookies that come alive to protect all cookies from Santa Claus; and Helen’s Big World, a biography of Helen Keller.

Participating children will get the chance to create light-up fireflies on the move, be the star of their own trading card, and play board games and outdoor games, among other activities. Each arts & crafts program will be divided into two activities- one for younger children and one for older elementary-aged children.

To participate, a child must be a member of one of Crawford County’s libraries. Preschoolers and summer visitors will receive a temporary summer card. A stats sheet will be issued to each child to keep track of how many minutes they read.

For every 15 minutes they read, children will get a stamp on their time keeper chart. This chart will record each reader’s and listener’s progress through summer reading pleasure and prizes. Preschoolers must listen for 15 minutes to get a stamp.

For every four stamps, on hour of reading or listening, a prize may be selected from the display case. When 12 stamps have been collected participants qualify for two chances to win one of the Grand Prizes. The drawing for these prizes will be held at the Summer Reading Club Party, Aug. 5th. Open to children from toddlers to those leaving 6th grade, the summer program offers nine weeks of healthy reading fun!